Sunday June 24, 2012

Matthew 24:42-25:13

Our verses today continue to remind us to be ready. We do not know the time or the day on which the Lord will return for any one of us. We have a number of duties as Christians. One of these is to remain vigilant. We are not to become complacent in our lives, but are to contstantly live for Christ. There are opportunities for us each day to serve Him. How many small ones do we miss because we are only looking for big ones? Like a jigsaw puzzle it takes many small pieces to make up the big picture.

Will you be one of the faithful and sensible servants the Lord finds serving Him upon His return (24:45)? The choice is yours.

Vigilance in the Christian life may also entail planning ahead and being prepared for life. There are many lessons for us to learn from Jesus’ parable of the ten virgins. How many can you count? Will you apply them to your life? Christ is the bridegroom, we, the Church, are His bride.   On the one hand, we are to live and plan our lives as if humanity will be around for many centuries to come.  Yet, on the other hand, we are to be ready if He should come for us today, at this moment.  Are you ready?