Sunday June 17, 2012

HappyFather’s Day! Hope you didn’t forget your heavenly Father!

June 7 & 8 three of us attended our annual conference in Findlay, Ohio. Since the 10th was our community service in the park, we shared this morning about conference. Delegates were excited about what they heard and saw. Pray that excitement carries to the rest of the congregation and that we reach out to our community for Christ in the coming weeks.

Matthew 24:32-41

God gives us signs in the changing of the seasons about the season to come. In the same way Jesus told of signs that would indicate the soon destruction, not only of Jerusalem, but also of the people who would reject and crucify Him.

I shared that there are two negative particles in the Greek language, “ou” and “mh” (long a sound like “may”). These are generally used with indicative and non-indicative verbs respectively, or to indicate a positive or negative answer in a question (also respectively). However, in verses 34 and 35 they are used together, along with the aorist subjunctive. This use indicates the strongest negation possible in the Greek language. Jesus is indicating the nearness (and the certainty) of the time of the end of the Old Testament era and does not want His audience to be mistaken about it. The “this” of “this generation” can only mean that generation which He was addressing. He was NOT speaking of any future group of people. But just as in Noah’s day, many of these folks He was warning would ignore Him.

As we read our Bibles we cannot help but notice that we as a nation are commiting or at least allowing many of the sins which God has promised to punish. AND, we continue to ignore the signs that He is punishing us. We need to wake up and as individuals and as a nation get back to Him. He calls us first of all to faithful obedience, and that “daily.”

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