Sunday June 10, 2012

This was our Community service in the park under the tent. Matthew 12:38-41 was read and then I preached on Jonah. The above verses point out that the book of Jonah is not myth, but fact backed up by the Son of God Himself, just as the entire Bible is fact.

Jonah did not want to preach to the Ninevites because he hated them and he also knew that God would give him success, the Ninevites would repent, and God would relent on His pronounced judgment. He wanted God to kill them all and send them to hell.

Pastor Don read Matthew 12:37 and pointed out that the Gospel message requires “response.” Jonah had to respond, as did the sailors, and the people of Nineveh. We must each respond daily to God’s call on our lives How will you respond as He calls you to action (whether that action is seemingly great, . . . or small)?

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