Sunday May 13, 2012

Matthew 23:23-28

The Pharisees and their scribes were diligent to tithe (give ten percent of) off of the increase of even the small plants in their gardens. These would also have been of the smallest of plots as these plants were seasonings and not food crops. But Jesus said that they should have been paying attention to “tithing” in the “weightier” areas of justice, mercy, and faithfulness. They were seeming to be so pure as to strain out a gnat, but were in fact swallowing camels.

The examples that follow are much the same; they may appear to be good and clean, but inwardly they are vile, evil and filthy.

We choose what we are and how we act. We need to look to Christ and follow His example faithfully. This will entail much prayer for help, it also entails constant obedience; but it avails much satisfaction of a life lived right!

Sunday May 6, 2012

Sorry about this being down a week. I think they finally got things straightened out.

Matthew 23:1-22

Jesus told His followers that the religious officials were usurping the position of Moses. He further commanded them to obey that which these fellows taught (presumably as long as it did not counter Scripture) but NOT to do as they did. Their focus was on glory to self and not to God. To emphasize this fact, as He prounounces woes upon them, he calls them hypocrites. They in fact are sons of hell (v. 15).

Swearing is not what we want to say that it is, but it is what the words actually mean (v. 16). In all swearing (calling down an oath upon ourselves to verify the veracity of what we speak) we are calling God as witness. We must not be hypocritical in any way.