Sunday April 22, 2012

Matthew 22:15-33

In order to try to set a verbal trap for Jesus, the Pharisees and Herodians, working together, sent their disciples to butter Jesus up.  They thought there were only two answers to their question.  But He was aware of their evil intents and bluntly pointed out to all withing hearing range that they were hypocrites!  He asked for a coin that would be used to pay the poll tax and one was produced.  He stated that what belong to Caesar should be given to him and in the same way what belongs to God should be given to Him.  A good Jew would not have had a Roman coin in the Temple and He did not again address that issue (He had already prounounced “You hypocrites!”).

EVERYTHING belongs to God, therefore He must have been reminding us to be good stewards of that which He has entrusted to us, including tithing on the increase that He gives.

The Sadducees made their try at trapping Him and fared no better.  Rather than calling them hypocrites He merely pointed out their ignorance of God’s Word and of His power.  He is the God of the living!!  Those who die in Christ and not dead, but alive!

The first crowd marveled (v. 22) and the second crowd was astonished (v. 33).  Has He marveled or astonished you today?  If not you need to spend more time in His presence!

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