Sunday April 8, 2012 – Easter

Luke 23:50-24:35

Read the passage slowly, paying attention to details. Maybe you’d like to start at 22:54 which is where I began my text for Good Friday.  There is a ray of hope in the passage concerning that dark day–can you find it?!

Notice the courage of Joseph of Arimathea in asking for the body of Jesus when even His closest disciple’s had deserted Him.  That is faith in action.  The women showed faith in bringing the spices to the tomb even when they had no idea how they would get the huge stone out of the way.  Imagine their surprise and consternation when the stone was not only removed but they were asked by men in dazzling garments why they were seeking the Living One among the dead!

Wouldn’t you like to have received the lessons from the Scriptures that Jesus taught the two on the road to Emmaus that day?  Well, you can – read the Gospels carefully and study the writings of the Old Testament alongside them and use the brain that God has given you–and ask for insight.

“Is is not necessary that all of these things happened to the Christ?” (24:26).  YES!  And praise God for it.  Because of it you can have forgiveness of your sins, you can be a child of God . . . if you will believe (which also entails then living for Him, according to His commandments).

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