Sunday March 25, 2012

Matthew 21:18-32

The cursing of the fruitless fig tree is also an act of judgment. It is fairly easy for us to see it as being directed at the Jewish people and in particular at the leaders who themselves take it this way. But I think we need to realize that we are each to be ready to produce fruit any and every time our Lord so desires it. If not we are cursed forever, but if so we are blessed forever! It’s your choice.

Jesus does not answer the source of His authority because those asking do not have the courage to say what they believe, they therefore do not deserve an answer. Their intent is only to try to trap Him, not to learn from Him.

The responses of the two sons bothers me, and I think it is supposed to bother us. Shouldn’t one of the sons have not only said “Yes!” to the father and then gone and done as asked/told? I think so. We should be that obedient child.

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