Sunday March 11, 2012

Matthew 20:17-34

Jesus explains to His disciples what is going to happen to Him at the journey’s terminus in Jerusalem. Almost immediately his aunt brings his cousins James and John before Him and asks that they be the number two and three men in His kingdom. (For the relationship see John 19:25; Mark 15:40; Matthew 4:21 and 27:56). He informs her (and them) that although they will undergo a portion of the suffering which He will endure (cup), that it is not His choice, but the Father’s as to “order” in the kingdom. He further reminds us all that just as He did not come be BE served but in order TO SERVE, we must emulate Him.

Althuogh the word is not used in this passage, in the New Testament Greek the word for “save” and “heal” are the same. His healing of the two blind men is parallel not only to our coming to salvation in Him, but also our gaining sight (knowledge, comprehension, and understanding) of Him in our lives.

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