Sunday March 4, 2012

Matthew 19:27-20:16

Upon Peter’s questioning Him as to “What’s in it for those of us who have followed You? Jesus answered that not only are the retirement benefits “out of this world,” but that each will be well rewarded in this day and age as well. “However,” He added, “many of those who are first will be last, and the last, first.”

Jesus then gave an example of a landowner hiring workers in his field, and ended with this same cryptic statement of the first and the last. The owner represents God, and the workers in the vineyard represent people coming to service in Christ. Sadly too many who call themselves Christians are envious of God’s generosity towards others. Some resent the fact that those who do not come to Him until the last possible moment still enter heaven. Perhaps they should concentrate more on that statement and realize just why many of those who came to Him “first” will enter last . . . ! Who barely made it after all?

We must be careful that we are not envious of others and we must “reward” envious politicians by voting them out of office at the very least.

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