Sunday January 15, 2012

Matthew 17:1-6 Didn’t get through as many verses as intended!

Why are we given the fact that this was SIX days later?

We see the “inner” circle of three with Jesus. This event had to have been frightening for the disciples, and they were forbidden to share it (for the time being).

Why Moses and Elijah meeting with Jesus?

Three things to ponder from God the Father:
1) Jesus is my BELOVED Son; 2) I am well pleased with Him (and with you?!) 3) OBEY Him!

Prostration before Him is the proper response.

2 thoughts on “Sunday January 15, 2012”

  1. Good point on God’s voice giving authority Judy. One of my thoughts on Moses and Elijah being there was that they both had a hand in delivering Israel in the past, and Jesus was about trying to do the same…and in fact has delivered us all!!

  2. I don’t know why we are given the fact that this was 6 days later. It says in luke 9:28 it was 8 days later. But why tell us how many days? I can’t find the reson for this in any of my books.

    Moses’and Elijah presence with Jesus confirmed Jesus’ messianic mission to fullfill God’s law and the words of God,s prophets. Just as God’s voice in the cloud over Mount Sinai gave authority to his law(EXodus 19:9)God’s voice at the transfifuration gave authority to Jesus’ words.(from notes in New Living study Bible)

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