Sunday January 8, 2012

I had a request that I do a post on my sermons. I will list my text and just a few comments. The hope is that others of you will comment (both those who were there and heard as well as any who have questions or relevant comments).
Matthew 16:21-28
Three important facts from these first three verses:

1) Peter’s attempted rebuke of Jesus falls right on the heels of his confession of Jesus as the Christ (Messiah, Annointed One promised of old).

2) This is based on his acceptance of the false teaching of his day that the Messiah would be a conquoring king (the suffering servant of Isaiah 53 was totally neglected).

3) God and His will, as indicated in His Word, must be first in our minds and lives. This is emphasized in the following four verses.

The final verse of this text does not indicate “THE last day” when Christ returns to judge all humanity, but it points to His return in judgment in the destruction of Jerusalem on the generation who not only refused Him, but also crucified Him.

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