Dec 30 Rev 17:1-19:21; Pro 31:10-31

As I read 17:3 and 4 I have to ask why just women and beasts? There are no men mentioned besides John (other than groups of nations, tongues, etc.). And other than the woman representing the church the women are not ones you’d like to meet, nor to take home to mother! The woman “Babylon” represents more cities than just that one, and she is definitely representative of false religion.

Notice the vast difference between God “Who is, Who was, and Who is to come and the beast who “was and is not and is to about to come up out of the abyss and go to destruction” (17:8).

The description of Christ in 19:1-16 has many symbols. The many diadems reflect His vast authority and accomplishments, the name which no one knows shows that no one else has authority over Him, His robe dipped in blood signifies His work on the cross. And we are reminded in verse thirteen that He is called “The Word of God” (see also John 1:1-5 and remember that this is the same human author in Revelation).

The ultimate end of ALL who oppose God is to be thrown into the lake of fire in torment forever, along with those mentioned at 19:20-21).

Proverbs: Today’s reading is long enough that it could easily have been split into at least two parts. But it is a whole and finishing it today gives you a break tomorrow! This section speaks of the righteous wife and tells how and why she is so excellent. Because she puts God first and works hard for her family, she is a great blessing to them (God included). Note that she works joyfully, out of love in her devotion. It is fitting that today is my wife’s birthday (she is seven months younger than me!).