Dec 23 1P 4:1-2P 3:13; Pro 29:6-15

Along with the idea that Christians will suffer, Peter again reminds that it is much better to suffer for being a righteous Christian, than for having committed evil and being deserving of punishment.

Understanding that the root of the term “elder” does mean someone who has age on most of his associates within the church, we realize that the individual is supposed to have acquired wisdom and enough wisdom that he can counsel nearly all. This rules out the young and the rash for the position, whether it be “merely” an elder in the church, or a pastor (pastors are often designated as “ruling elders”). The “others” are to be subject to these men. And of course, these men are subject to Christ and are to be righteous, without spot (see Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus).

2 Peter: The word in Peter’s introduction which my Bible translates as “bond-servant” is actually “slave” although it can be understood as “servant.” In the first letter Peter refers to himself as an Apostle, here as the slave of Jesus Christ. As a side note, do you pay attention to how a person refers to our Lord? Some use Christ or Jesus, others use both words, but not always the same order. And of course there is the word Lord, among other titles.

At 1:5-8 I count eight thing which Peter commands us to exercise in our lives. In his previous book I counted six items listed that were found in evil persons. Seven is a number of completeness and wholeness. Six falls short of this (think 666, and I will add more when we get to it in Revelation, until then remember what I say here!), whereas eight exceeds it.

In chapter two he describes some really evil folks. Yet some of these have been Christians! And he says for these their final state would have been better if they had never known Christ (2:21). One is a total and complete fool who tastes of the richness of God’s blessings and then returns to the foul and nasty waters of the hog lot of life.

Contemplate 3:8 very carefully. There are far too many who want to extend everything into the future and use this verse–out of context. Peter is merely telling us that God is neither time-bound, nor a creature. We are both. We are also bound by space, He is not. This is NOT a formula for figuring anything out. He is speaking of folks who mock because certain Scriptures at that point had not been fulfilled and their contention was that these would never be fulfilled. Peter speaks to God’s people reminding them that God is not on OUR time schedule, and that He WILL do what He has said He will do. So, do not doubt Him or His Word! Further God’s seeming slowness in bringing things to pass should be regarded as patience, mercy. For those short on patience this may be very difficult, or even impossible, to understand.

Proverbs: The evil that a man does catches him like a trap, but the righteous remain free and without a worry so that they sing and rejoice in the Lord! The wise and the foolish have great trouble trying to understand one another. If the president is wicked so will be all his associates (verse 12). “The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child who gets his own way will bring shame to his mother (verse 15). Don’t forget that the him here could just as easily be her!

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