Dec 8 Gal 1:1-4:20; Pro 24:13-20

Paul makes it plain that his apostleship (an apostle is one who is sent) is not of, from, for, or by men; but God (1:1). He makes too an important point that probably many miss: there is only one Gospel, so when he speaks of “another” Gospel what he is really saying is a distortion of the Gospel, a FALSE Gospel (1:6-7). EVEN IF I or an angel from heaven were to begin to preach to you another (different, false, etc.) Gospel may he be accursed/anathema! (1:8, 9). Just as Paul’s calling did not come from men, neither is he trying to please men, but God and God alone (1:10).

Did you catch that after his “call” to the ministry of Jesus Christ that Paul spent three years in “seminary” with the Lord in Arabia (1:16-18). When he did go to Jerusalem he met with Peter and also James who is the brother of Jesus (1:19). Paul even had to rebuke Peter once. It reminds us that none of us is prefect nor has a corner on the market of the Lord’s knowledge (2:11-21). Notice too that since Peter’s sin was a public sin he rebuked him in public (1:14). If I need to apologize to someone whether it is public or private depends on whether it was public or private when I offended that person. Maybe I would need to do both–privately first and then before those who were witnesses of the offence when they are again together.

“You foolish Galatians! Quit being wishy-washy in your faith! Stand firm in Christ, rely on the Holy Spirit! FAITH, not works. How many times must I tell you? (3:1-6).

Paul’s argument in chapter three is important, especially the concluding fact that “those who belong to Christ are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to promise” (3:29). I once heard a visiting African speaker at a church speak on this passage and he dwelt on the word “heirs” and said it many times, only he pronounced the “h” each time. I wanted to correct him, but didn’t have the heart and toward the end I was about ready to laugh out loud. I kept looking around but wasn’t sure the crowd was getting it!

In chapter four Paul uses the imagery and legality of one’s minor period to teach truths about our status under the Gospel. Remember that “Abba” means “daddy” (4:6)

Don’t get hung up on the outward things, stick with Christ (4:8-11).

Proverbs: Why is the “son” recommended to eat honey, honey from the comb? Because it is good for you, healthy, nutritious and combats disease. It is a gift from God, as is wisdom. When the righteous man stumbles God enables him to get right back up, but a day is coming for each and every evil man when he will fall and stay down. But don’t rejoice when your enemy falls or God may take vengeance on you! Do not be envious of the wicked, nor worry about them, God will take care of you and them in His way and time.