Dec 5 2Co 1:1-5:10; Pro 23:17-28

Note first of all that Timothy is with Paul when he writes this second letter to the church at Corinth (1:1). Besides the two letters he writes to him, Paul mentions Timothy is this letter and two others (Philemon and Hebrews – more on Hebrews later as many do not believe Paul is the author).

God comforts you in your troubles and expects you in return to comfort others in theirs (1:3-4).

In addition to the letter written to him, Titus is mentioned numerous times in this letter and also in that to the church at Galatia and the second to Timothy (2:13; 7:6, 13, 14; 8:6, 16, 23; 12:18).

Paul alludes to a problem in the early church, and today too, that of folks who were “peddling” the word of God. That is to say folks whose hearts have not so much been influenced by the transforming power of Christ and His forgiveness. But those who for monetary gain preach to others (2:17). Some of these seem very sincere.

Paul does much more sharing of news and patting on the back in this letter, whereas in the last he did a lot more correcting of problems and correcting of doctrine. This letter is more about edification and the last about rebuke and correction.

Have you ever thought of the problems of life as mere “light affliction”? Or the fact that it “is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison”? Can you with Paul “look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal”? (4:17-18).

Do you feel the struggle between the earthly and the heavenly? Do you long to be with the Lord? Or are you caught up in the details of everyday life and oblivious to most things spiritual? (5:1-6). “Walk by faith, not by sight!” (5:7).

Proverbs: Do NOT envy sinners. You do not want what they are going to get so why should you want what they now have?! Heavy drinking leads only to poverty. Seek wisdom, not the riches of the world.