Dec 2 1Co 8:1-11:16; Pro 22:17-25

Knowledge can cause us to be stupid. Isn’t that what Paul said (8:1-3)? With knowledge we need the wisdom to exercise the love of Christ. We know that idols are non-entities as far as god-ness and ability are concerned. But idols are also dedicated to demons. Hence some, forgetting that God is sovereign, fear the power of demons and their possible retribution. Hmmm. Do you fear God or that which He has created and is subservient to Him? Depends on the love and wisdom, eh?

Beware that you do not, in exercising your liberties in Christ, cause another brother or sister to stumble (8:7-13).

Did you notice that in 9:5 Jesus’ brothers are mentioned? I know that’s far off Paul’s point, but he does give the information and the careful reader gains knowledge even in these peripheral items. Woe to the individuals who said that Paul did not deserve to be paid for his services. Probably a government employee! Did you follow his argument fully (9:3-18)?

Do not be a spectator in the Christian life! Instead live as if you are competing to win in the greatest competition of life! (9:24-27).

10:13 is another good verse for memorization. How many times in your life would it have been good to know this?! Remember though, Paul is speaking to Christians. The promise is only to them, not for everybody as many seem to think.

If you are wise, you will flee from idolatry (10:14). Guess what that says about those who say, “I’m not afraid!”?

Things may be lawful, but if they do not edify (build up others and/or ourselves) they are not worth doing, they are a waste of time and energy. And in some cases they become sin for us (10:23-24).

A different letter, but Paul is still concerned about the salvation of his people (10:32-33).

Are you able to say what Paul says in 11:1? If not, why not?

In reading 11:4, I have always wondered why Jewish men wear the yamulka (skull cap). Some have interpreted this passage as reminding us that the long hair of women is a head covering of 1) beauty, and 2) a reminder of their being under the headship of their husbands (or fathers prior to marriage). Men wear short hair because that is the way God has designed things. I have often wondered how long-haired men understand this passage? (11:4-16).

Proverbs: You can’t just learn it and forget it, you must meditate upon it. Think often on God’s Word! Beware those with whom you associate. If they have bad habits you are likely to pick up those bad habits and suffer for it.