Sep 13 Dan 6:16-8:14; Psa 139:7-16

The king finally ordered that Daniel be thrown into the lions’ den, as per the law he’d been hoodwinked into making. But the king spoke words of encouragement and faith to Daniel, and then he spent the night fasting rather than “being entertained” as was his custom. He hurried to the lions’ den at the break of day and hollered for Daniel. His servant was hauled out unharmed “because he had trusted in his God.” But when the miscreants who had tried to have Daniel killed were thrown in along with their families, the lions crushed them before they ever hit the floor. And yet another king issued a decree that God alone should be worshiped! (6:16-27; see especially verses 26-27).

The translators of the Geneva Bible (1599, twelve years BEFORE the King James Version) list the beasts as the Assyrian and Chaldean empire (verse 4), Persia (verse 5), Alexander of Macedonia with the four heads representing his four chief captains who ruled after him (verse 6), and the Roman empire (verse 7) “which was a monster and could not be compared to any beasts, because the nature of none was able to express it.” Of verse 8 “which is meant Julius Caesar, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero, etc., who were as kings in effect, but because they could not rule, but by the consent of the Senate, their power is compared to a little horn.” It is my contention that these translators are much closer to the truth than are those folks today who try to make all these events yet future. Are you aware that there was great consternation in Europe and surety that the world would end . . . In 1588?!

Note that as Daniel gives the interpretation that it would easily fit with events which were yet future to Daniel, but are far in the past for us–those kingdoms mentioned above.

Of 8:1 the Geneva Bible says: “After the general vision, he cometh to certain particular visions as touching the destruction of the Monarchy of the Persians, and Macedonians: for the ruin of Babylon was at hand. The first note for 8:3 mentions the Persians and Medes, the second note mentions Cyrus “which after grew greater in power than Darius his uncle and father-in-law. 8:5, 7, 8 refer to Alexander, while 9 is Antiochus Epiphanes and in this verse are also noted “toward Egypt, Ptolemeus and Judea.”

Again, a careful reading with a knowledge of historical facts should keep a modern day person from insisting that these predicted events are yet future. Why would God give warning if these events were not to occur for over two and a half millennia? That would only needlessly scare all the hearers and readers in between those times.

Psalm 139: David shows God’s omnipresence by asking where he could go to be away from God and shows that God is everywhere. It is not that David wishes to escape Him, he merely uses a poetic method of stating a fact which should bring the believer great comfort. He further reminds the reader that he has been known since before conception. God knows all, and this omniscience is not to be forgotten. It too should be a comfort to the believer.

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  1. I didn’t know that the end was expected in 1588. I think every generation thinks that it is their generation that the end will come. Alicia[gdaughter] said her father-inlaw said he heard at church that the end will be 2012. She called to ask me my take on that. I told her no man knows the day or hour according to the Bible.She said she told him that and he said day and hour,but we can know the year.I told her the important thing is if we know the Lord and have turned your life over to Him,then it doesn’t matter when He comes back.I do believe it is getting close to His return though.

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