Aug 23 Eze 6:1-8:18; Psa 119:145-152

Notice the appellation the LORD uses for Ezekiel at 6:2. He is the only one besides Jesus who is called “Son of Man.” This term was first used in chapter two. In Ezekiel’s case it is a reminder that he is but flesh and blood and merely God’s representative. In the case of Christ, who used the term to refer to Himself, it is a reminder that though He is the son of God, God Himself, He is also fully man, representing man before God the Father, and God to man.

This prophecy is also to be addressed to the Mountains of Israel. This may seem like strange language, but it is supposed to be an affront to the people. The people will not listen to God so He will have His prophet address inanimate creation, and they will not only listen, but heed the warning (6:3-7).

Note in 6:13, 14 “how” the people will know that He is “the LORD.” As is so often the case, this is known when great punishment and devastation takes place. Remembering the words of Jesus in Luke 13:1-5 (that many suffer because of the sins of ALL mankind, not as a direct result of their own), do you think that some of the “natural” disasters that we see in the world are actually punishment from God? Why or why not?

Remember what I said much earlier about “LORD” being used instead of Yahweh? Notice that Ezekiel uses the phrase Lord GOD often. That is he says Lord Yahweh, but since the word “lord” is already used the translators do not write Lord LORD, but Lord GOD (7:2).

To the rich who are used to buying their way out of trouble (and those who know what they’re looking for see it in the newspaper in our small community) God says, “their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD” (7:19b).

Chapter eight reminds me of how much more than any other prophet Ezekiel is called upon to act out the messages he is ordered to give to the people.

Psalm 119: Today’s reading begins with a couple of reminders of “waiting” for the LORD. How often do we seem to think that He should be on OUR timetable rather than the other way around? “I have known from of old that Your truth stands forever!” (v. 152).

3 thoughts on “Aug 23 Eze 6:1-8:18; Psa 119:145-152”

  1. I should not have said “we” are pulling so far from God. Because I know You and I love and worship the Lord,but so many in this world do not.

  2. I think that some of the natural disasters are from God.And things like 9-11 is from God. This world is removing itself from God and so has this country. This country was founded on God and the people and Gov are removing God from the schools,business, and courts etc. Abortion is murder and the gov supports it.Not to mention same sex marriages. We are pulling so far from God, and Yes I think He is punishing the people of this country and world to get our attention to show us His power and to get us to turn back to Him.

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