Jul 11 Song 2:8-8:14; Psa 104:18-26

The language of the two lovers is a reminder for all of us. All too often after we’ve fallen in love and gotten married we forget to “court” one another. We forget to keep the fires of love burning. Any fire left untended for long enough will burn out. The poetic way that the lovers speak to one another shows that they have been thinking of one another and thinking of ways to describe the other. We cannot ignore the one we love and expect that love to remain vibrant and healthy–whether that loved one is a friend, a spouse, or our Savior.

Mandrakes (7:13) are noted as an aphrodisiac (Genesis 30:14-16). There are various sexual innuendos in the speeches. As I mentioned yesterday, without Solomon’s name many past figures in the church would have banned the book.

By the way, today in my anniversary – 1981!

Psalms: Verse 18 reminds me of pictures I’ve seen that were taken with a high power telephoto lens and showed the wild goats on precipices we could only hope to reach if lowered from a helicopter. Have you ever studied the phases of the moon and the seasons it shows to us (verse 19)? It would be well worth your time to do so.

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