Jun 1 1Ch 22:2-24:31; Psa 81:1-10

I can’t imagine the immensity of the task of building this house for God. Many years ago I helped my father-in-law add on a twenty-four foot square to the back of his garage. He took the details to a local lumber yard and they worked it all out. He was out of town when the items needed picked up so a brother-in-law and I went to get them in two pickups. It seemed to me there was too much but what did I know?! When Dad got home we discovered that the gal had ordered double what we needed (and later when the rafters were delivered we discovered she managed to misunderstand that part too). The project for which David and Solomon were planning was much larger and much grander (even more room for mix up!).

We are given no numbers on most of the items for the Temple, we are only told that they were too many to count or far too much too be weighed. But we begin to get a glimpse when we read that the gold was 100,000 talents and the silver 1,000,000 talents. Remember that a talent is seventy-five pounds! We are talking seven and half million pounds or 3750 TONS of gold! And the silver ten times that weight! At today’s rates those values would be at least $153,125,000,000 in gold, and $39,375,000,000 in silver! That is 192 and a half billion dollars in precious metals alone (at a weight of 41,250 TONS!)!!

We get a different picture of David’s old age in this book. In Samuel we are told of David’s failing help and need of a nurse to keep him warm. There he sounds feeble. Here we are shown he was quite keen mentally and looking only for the good of his people (chapter twenty-three).

Another Psalm of Asaph, this for the choir director on the Gittith. This one is much more upbeat than the last several in that he commands us to sing mightily to God and he mentions various instruments that should accompany our praise to Him. We must celebrate the feasts and festivals that God has commanded. We shall not be slack in our worship. And we shall worship Him alone!

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  1. In reading todays scripture I am in total awe of God’s unlimited supply of the gold and silver.I can not comprehend such wealth as God gave David to be able to set aside what he did for the temple and still running his kingdom and household.Such wealth is hard for me to comprehend.I would love to have seen the temple when it was finished. I had to be so beautiful.

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