May 31 1Ch 18:14-22:1; Psa 80:14-19

Ever have a day like 19:1-5? I’m thinking of David here: you try to do someone a kindness and they slap your face and kick you around. Of course if you were one of David’s servants, it’s an even worse day! Kind of how youngsters are though. Daddy wasn’t tough enough so to show how tough I am I’ll rough up his friends. Costly mistake. One thousand talents of silver is seventy-five thousand pounds! (over $39,375,000 at today’s rates).

I am always somewhat amazed and perplexed when I read 21:9-13. God offered David three different punishments and told him to choose one of them for his sin. David did not choose one of the three, he said just let God punish me and not men. Although the punishment he received was similar to one of the three choices, it seems that he contrived a fourth and got it. I have to go along with the words of Jesus in the New Testament commanding us not to tempt God (Matthew 4:7).

The six hundred shekels of gold which David paid to Ornan for the site to build an altar to God would be worth over $306,250. Quite an expensive piece of real estate.

Asaph continues his lament to God and asks God to care for the vine which He had previously planted but more recently had ripped up great parts of. He seems to be saying, “We suffered enough because of our sins and we desire to be Your obedient children. Look at us and we’ll be OK!”

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  1. The leader is/represents the people, which ultimately leads us to Christ. This is a reminder of how important leadership is. I will stick my neck out and say that I think we have leaders representing us who should be executed for their sins, and replaced with godly men.

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