Mar 14 Deut 23:1-25:19; Psa 41:1-5

23:2-3 figures prominently in the genealogy of David. Can you figure out why?

23:21 says that when you make a vow to God you should not delay in paying it (doing it), as to delay would be sin. Interestingly the next verse says that it is not sin at all to refrain from vowing at all. This to me is another strong reminder to be careful what words we let pass from our lips! And the verse following that (23) reminds again that God has not forced you to make a vow, you do it willingly (2 Corinthians 9:7?).

How might 23:24-25 apply today?

The enforcement of 24:7 would certainly change the attitude of some criminals, would it not?

There are many lessons to learn from these various laws. 24:17 reminds us again that God looks out for those who cannot look out for themselves. These three mentioned groups had NO legal standing in the ancient world. The only one who could bring a lawsuit was a male Citizen of legal age (probably 20); therefore the alien or foreigner, the fatherless (often listed as orphan), and the widow you must not try to hurt, but protect and aid.

Would you have understood 25:4 as Paul applies it in 1 Corinthians 9:9 and 1 Timothy 5:18? If it applies to the dumb beast, then how much more so to the children of God?!

25:5 and following might remind you of Judah and his daughter-in-law. 25:11-12 might seem like a harsh punishment, but the sin is not only in the manner of her touching a man other than her husband, but in the fact of her touching him where only his wife should touch. God is serious about sexual purity. The thinking person begins to understand how important marital fidelity is to societal order–the unthinking person is selfish and . . . well . . . unthinking!

25:13-16 reminds us yet again to be honest in all our dealings with each other.

David tells the deeds of the one who is called blessed upon the earth, presumably because he too does these things because he then beseeches God’s help and reminds God that his enemies lie about what he does.

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