Mar 2 Num 29:12-31:47; Psa 36:1-9

We really don’t know how to feast before the Lord for a week, do we (29:12-16)? The offerings for this time are IN ADDITION to ALL the other offerings, including the ones you give of your own free will (29:39).

Were you aware of the laws regarding vows (30:1-16)? What do they say about the relationship between a husband and a wife?

31:8 is where we learn that Balaam is among those executed. Why did they kill every male and not every person (31:7, 9)? Moses wasn’t happy that the women were spared (31:14-19). Why did he order that they not only purify themselves and their captives, but also ever article of clothing (31:19-20)?

Do you think it is fair that the men who went to battle (only 1000 were taken from each tribe) had to share half their plunder with those who did not go (31:25-31)? Did you notice that the share taken from each half for God was ten times as much for those who did not fight as for those who did (2% and .2% – 31:28-30, 32-47)?

In Psalm 36 David identifies himself as a servant of the Lord (title). He begins to describe the make-up of a transgressor (verses 1-4). Then he speaks of the righteous and how wonderful God is (verses 5-9).

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  1. 30:1-16 that a male has final say over the wifes vows. and a father over a daughter.if the man din’t like them they could void the vow.
    I think they kept the women for slaves.
    anyone who touched a dead body or killed someone had to purify themself and clothing

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