Feb 28 Num 24:1-26:47; Psa 35:15-22

Balaam sounds so serious in his seeming conviction to say ONLY what God wants him to say (24:12-13); but we know from other passages that he worked against God’s wishes and caused some of the Israelites to sin (Joshua 24:10; 2 Peter 2:15; Jude 1:11; Revelation 2:14).

God’s people were led astray to worship false gods by the Moabites, Balaam’s people, so God commanded at 25:4 that “all the leaders of Israel be executed in broad daylight” because they did not set the proper example and keep the people from sinning. Do we have leaders today who are guilty of the same? Are they worthy of death? Why/why not?

Just a few verses later while the people are still weeping over the sins committed (and lives lost therefrom) a man blatantly brings a Moabite woman into his tent. Phinehas, son of Aaron the high priest, slays them both by piercing them through. From where the text says he pierced them it is obvious they were not in the tent to teach her religion (some texts say “through the body” but the Hebrew says “through the belly” (25:8). For Phineas’ act, God relents of His punishment of His people.

With the counting/numbering of chapter 26, why all the repeating of genealogy?

David continues to plead that God not listen to the ungodly because they lie about God’s righteous ones. In fact he states in verse 22, “God YOU saw what happened, you know, don’t let them get away with a lie!”

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