Feb 24 Num 15:22-16:50; Psa 33:20-34:7

Notice that 15:34 is one of the few places that “jail” (custody) is mentioned in the Bible apart from foreign prisons–Jeremiah being another. It seems that “custody” was a temporary thing, unlike the American penal system.

Did Korah and his companions have anything worth grumbling about?

What do you think of 16:28-35)? God is serious about obedience! But the next day the people have the temerity to grumble against Moses and Aaron and blame them for the deaths of the men who defied them [Him really], the representatives who God Himself had set over the people (16:41)! And yet, when God began to punish, Moses had Aaron quickly intercede on behalf of the people (16:42-50). Would you have acted like Moses and Aaron, or would you have cheered God’s punishment?

What does it mean to trust in God’s holy name (Psalm 33:21)? A fairly lengthy title over chapter 34. It helps one to better understand the Psalm knowing when/why it was written.