Feb 23 Num 13:25-15:21; Psa 33:10-19

Notice how the majority can be SO wrong! Ten of the LEADERS who went in to spy out the land came back and said that even though it’s a great land and produces these beautiful crops there is NO way we could ever defeat the people there. Joshua and Caleb disagreed, the latter’s response was: “We can take them! (chapter 13).

AGAIN they grumbled against Moses (really against God) and even cried about how “wonderful” Egypt had been (14:1-4). Moses, Joshua and Caleb reminded the people that the God who had so graciously and powerfully brought them out of slavery in Egypt had also promised to give this wonderful land to them. But the people were against it and even contemplated putting these godly men to death! (14:5-10). As God used this occasion to test Moses, I’m not sure I’d have come even close to passing the test (14:11-12). How about you (would you have passed, I’m not asking what you think about whether I’d have failed!)?

Because of their faithfulness to God, Caleb and Joshua were the ONLY ones of their generation to enter the land. And at eighty Caleb was just as strong and vigorous as he had been at forty (14:20-24; Joshua 14:6-13).

Did you remember that the ten “unfaithful” spies died by a plague (14:36-37)? Even then the people were stupid enough to try to take the land by themselves! (14:39-45).

From the commands in 15:14-16 and elsewhere, one would think that the Israelites would have understood that God desires ALL people to be His; Jews AND Gentiles (non-Jews).

Verses 10 and 11 of Psalm 33 tell us that ONLY those plans that are of God will stand the test of time, all others are doomed to fail. Blessed (happy) are those who belong to Him! NO ONE can save himself, no matter what he has to hand. Salvation comes only through God. God is able at all times, in all circumstances!