Feb 22 Num 11:1-13:24; Psa 33:1-9

Just because we do not (usually) see a physical fire burning among complainers today, does this mean that God does not punish us when we complain amidst all the blessings that He has bestowed upon us? Why do you say that?

The people complained ABOUT God to each other and to Moses, or at least within his hearing. Moses took his complaints to God–and he was answered (there’s seventy again 11:16, 24).

Joshua was jealous when Eldad and Medad prophesied and demanded that Moses restrain them. But Moses wished that ALL God’s people would prophesy (proclaim God’s word) instead of just these two (11:26-29).

Presumably the plague from God (11:33) came upon them because of their greed in eating the quail that God had provided. They may not have properly bled the carcasses, or they may have just been greedy fools.

You would think that being related to Moses would have been enough, or the fact that they had positions of prominence among the people. But Miriam and Aaron were jealous of their little brother and murmured against him (12:1-2). Verse three is added as an aside in parenths . . . Kind of hard for Moses to write it since he was humble, so how did it get there?!

Notice that not only was there sent a man from each of the tribes to spy out the new land, but that EACH of these men was a leader (13:2). Why do you suppose we are given the name of each one?

The Hebrew of verses 8 and 16 (chapter 13) doesn’t differ as much as the English; Hoshea and Yehoshua respectively. The latter being also the Hebrew name from which the Greek “Jesus” I is derived, and means “Yahweh [I AM] saves” or “Yahweh is salvation.”

By the WORD of the Lord all Heaven was created (verse 6). Have you ever REALLY contemplated that fact? Then remember that “word” is the term John uses to define Jesus; the word of God. The second half of this verse echoes the first but says, “And by the breath of His mouth all their host” [were created]. Not only does one use breath to produce words, but the Hebrew word for breath also means spirit! Father (God), Son (Word), and (Holy) Spirit are ONE.