Feb 21 Num 8:5-10:36; Psa 32:6-11

Why do you suppose the entire body of the Levite was shaved as part of their cleansing (8:5-7)?

8:14-19 points out the importance of the priesthood and their keeping of punishment from Israel. And it all points to Christ who was and is the ultimate priest, prophet, and king; our savior!

Are you as eager to serve the Lord as the men in Chapter 9? “Hey Moses, we’re unclean because we had to bury someone, but we still want to worship. Can we?” God says, “SURE!”

The Israelites moved only when God said to do so and they had to observe whether the cloud was lifted or not (9:15-23). Do we “watch for God” like these people? Should we? In what ways do you observe God and His works?

I can only imagine the potential for conflict and confusion within the camp of the Israelites (chapter 10) as I think back to how much of that we had even when only one platoon was “on the move” or “in the field” in the Army! But that’s why God gives such commands dealing with order (1 Corinthians 14:40, 33).

WHEN is a time when God may be found? One must take care in reading the Psalms to understand WHO is speaking, and to whom is that one speaking; it can change quickly from verse to verse . . . The psalmist to God, to others; God to the psalmist, to the righteous, to the evil, to all . . .