Feb 20 Num 7:1-8:4; Psa 31:23-32:5

Notice how it was alright with God if some things were hauled on ox carts, but certain items had to be carried on the priests’ shoulders (7:6-9). Realizing that wasted space when writing the Scriptures was NOT an option, why would God have Moses to record chapter 7 with so much listed twelve times? This chapter used to be tough for me to read. I wanted to skip ahead, but I figured that God has SOMETHING here for me to learn or He wouldn’t have had it written down this way. And why sacrifices from the leaders? I think this too is important . . . !

What is a sheckel?

Be strong and let your heart take courage ALL you who hope in the LORD! How blessed (happy) is the one who is forgiven! Even him who has no deceit.