Feb 17 Num 1:1-3:10; Psa 31:1-8

What is the purpose of all that is recorded in this first chapter of the book of Numbers?

What’s with all this in chapter two about camping by a certain group on a certain side and a set marching order? And why in each of chapters one and two are we told that the tribe of Levi was not counted when God commanded that all the people be counted?

Why the repetition from earlier writings here in the third chapter?

Do you have as much confidence in God as David shows in this Psalm? Is it right for David to hate (verse 6)?

3 thoughts on “Feb 17 Num 1:1-3:10; Psa 31:1-8”

  1. It’s to be done if and when He says so, not man! Counting by man is often done to decide 1) Do we have enough to go to war? 2) How much tax revenue can we generate. God says, “Trust Me for that.”

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