Feb 15 Lev 24:17-26:13; Psa 29:7-30:3

What do we learn from 24:17-23? Do you see any of our laws today based on this passage? Why/why not?

I believe that the seventh year of rest (no planting, harvesting, pruning, etc.) was to teach and point forward to Christ, our ultimate rest. And more so the fiftieth year after each “seventh Sabbath” of years, the Jubilee (chapter 25). As much as there is talked about the Jubilee within many churches, there is NO evidence that it was ever “obeyed” or practiced by the Jews. What lesson(s) do you think God wanted them to learn from the Jubilee?

Why would there be a difference between walled and unwalled cities/villages (25:29-31)?

Does 25:35-38 outlaw all loans at interest? Why/why not?

The laws of redemption (chapter 25) figure heavily in Jesus’ work in our behalf.

What implications does 26:1-13 have for America today? Why?

The voice of the Lord is prominent in the latter half of Psalm 28 also, and David tells what the Lord does (will do) for His people. What does “extol” mean (Psalm 30:1)?

3 thoughts on “Feb 15 Lev 24:17-26:13; Psa 29:7-30:3”

  1. Yes, 70 years for the 490 years in which they had not given the land its Sabbaths (Jeremiah 25; 29; see also Daniel 9). Yes, it does make one wonder if and who might have done so on their own!

  2. Wasn’t the 70 year exile due to the fact that they did not obey the 7th year sabbath? If they didn’t obey that, there is no reason to believe they obeyed the 50 year one…at least not the majority. It does make you wonder if the devout ones actually attempted to obey as best they could though…

  3. lev.25:23 The land must not be sold permanently,because the land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants.
    lev 25:55 for the Israelites belong to me as servants. They are my servants,whom I brought out of Egypt.Iam the Lord your God.
    AI believe that God was trying to teach them that he is owner and controler of everything and everyone. We are bought and paid for by Jesus and we are his.God still owns everthing now.worship and trust him,obey and love him.

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