Feb 14 Lev 22:17-24:16; Psa 28:6-29:6

What does 22:17-33 say about the things we freely give to the Lord? Is it okay to give things to Him just to “clear out the closet”?

What does 23:22 mean and how can we practice it today?

What is the purpose of the booths and time spent in them (23:39-44)?

What do you think of 24:10-16 (and verse 23) and what are its implications for today?

God sustains those who are His (Psalm 28). What does “ascribe” mean in Psalm 29? Does the repetition of the words “voice of the Lord” remind you of the word of God?

4 thoughts on “Feb 14 Lev 22:17-24:16; Psa 28:6-29:6”

  1. 4. 24:10-16, I think the judges need to spend tome seeking God and his wisdom and guidance in each case.And deal with them as God says to.
    5. ascribe means to give honor to God.AT least that is what is in one of my Bibles instead of ascribe.

  2. 1. 22:17-33, God is a Holy God and he deserves are very best we can give him.
    2.23:22,means to leave food for the poor and needy to pick up. Today we can give to those in need by donating to food banks, missions,and to the needy person first hand.
    3. 23:39-44,to remind the people,their ancestors lived in booths when God rescued them from the land of Egypt. To remind people of God’s protection and guidance in the wilderness. To remind Israel to renew their commitment to God and trust in his guidance and protection. As we all should do today.

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