Feb 13 Lev 20:1-22:16; Psa 28:1-5

Why were persons to be legally executed stoned (20:2, et. al.)? Does 20:4-5 indicate that when we as a society refuse to execute those classes of criminals God has so ordered us to execute that we are guilty?

How would the enforcement of 20:10 change the face of our society today?

The laws in chapter 20 tell us not only not to see the nakedness of our near relatives (and in-laws) but also that the penalty for (willful) incest and adultery is death to all parties.

Why were the “handicapped” forbidden to be priests (21:16-24)?

Psalm 25: Lord, pay back the evildoers in full, and please don’t forget that I trust entirely in You and strive always to keep your law.