Feb 12 Lev 17:1-19:37; Psa 27:7-14

Why were the Israelites forbidden to eat blood (17:10)? Many survivalists teach that there are so many nutrients, etc., in blood that it should never be wasted, but either drunk or used in soups. . . .

Why did God not simply say, “Not only is incest forbidden, but you are not even to see your relatives naked” instead of all He said in chapter 18?

Does 18:22 still apply today? If so (and I heartily believe it does) then why is it ignored? Note the addition elsewhere: “they shall surely be put to death” (20:13).

How important is 19:11-12 to you?

What are prohibitions against eating anything with the blood (again) linked with divination and soothsaying (19:26)?

What does 19:27 mean? And is 19:28 still in effect?

19:35-36 are repeated often in the Proverbs. 19:37 encompasses much!

Psalm 27: Continue to keep me close, Lord. Even though those dearest me fail me miserably, You are always there! Teach me more about You and help me to follow You carefully in everything. Wait for the Lord!!