Feb 11 Lev 15:1-16:34; Psa 27:1-6

Why the seemingly repetitive “The Lord spoke to Moses and to Aaron saying” (15:1)?

More teaching on what constitutes uncleanness and how to be clean. Are there things that “make” you go wash or at least rinse your hands off? Are you more or less conscious of this now than in the past?

15:31 gives a sense of the importance or being clean, “Thus you shall keep the sons of Israel separated from their uncleanness, so that I do not have to kill them for polluting my tabernacle.”

Have you noticed that at times in the cleansing process those involved have to wash again (16:26, 28)?

Psalm 27: Because of God, I need fear NOTHING! Even if an army comes against me (seemingly) alone, I will not fear. I have asked of Him one thing, that I might be in His presence always. I will praise and serve Him.