Feb 4 Exo 38:21-40:38; Psa 22:19-24

Here (38:21) the tabernacle is called the “tabernacle of testimony.” Tabernacle means “dwelling place.” What do you suppose the testimony part is all about?

Reading about the robe and the hem around the neck opening (39:23) I’m reminded of watching Mom cut out and sew items of clothing when I was young. For some reason she would never let me cut or sew something she was making for someone to wear.

With the cloud over the tabernacle by day and the fire by night, the people got used to watching it to see if it was time to move on or to stay put (40:34-38). Do we look to God that much in our lives? Should we?

Do you pray and trust like David (Psalm 22)? Are you learning anything from David’s prayers?