Feb 3 Exo 36:8-38:20; Psa 22:9-18

From what I’ve been able to find so far, the acacia wood mentioned so many times in today’s reading would have been imported. Just like the cedar wood that Solomon many years later imported from Hiram of Tyre. The lesson for me here is that nothing is too good for God. Giving Him our best is not as simple as tying our shoes–but will most certainly require that as well as much more! Acacia wood, like cedar wood, appears to be a beautiful wood, although I do not know if it too is aromatic. Incidentally cedar repels most bugs and so not only provides its beauty, but a much appreciated side benefit as well.

Why do you suppose the acacia wood poles in 38:6 were overlaid with bronze when most everything else has been overlaid with gold?

Again, verses in today’s reading of Psalms figure prominently in the last hours of Jesus . . . Last hours before his burial and resurrection that is!