Feb 1 Exo 31:12-33:23; Psa 21:1-13

What does “this is a sign between Me and you” mean (31:12)? (There is not just one meaning of “sign” in the Bible . . . !)

Remember 31:18c (tablets . . . Written by the finger of God) when we get to John 8, especially verses 6 and 8.

32:1 and following seems to me to show the yielding to the temptation “be God,” or at least to rule when asked to do so; particularly in situations like this where it is totally illegitimate–and even blasphemous (politics again?!). Our focus must be God and Him alone lest we be tempted to worship the creation rather than our Creator (Romans 1:25).

Remember how Adam and Eve both tried to “pass the buck” when caught in sin in the garden (Adam: “The woman YOU gave me . . . ”)? Notice what God says to Moses in 31:7, “The people YOU brought up from Egypt are sinning!!” How many of us would have failed the “test” in verse 10 if we’d been in Moses’ shoes and said, “Sure, Lord, smoke ‘em! Make me great!?” Moses turns it back on God using the second person: “Why are you mad at YOUR people whom YOU brought up in a powerful way?” (verse 11). He reminds Him of His promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as well as using the psychological argument of “You really don’t want the remaining Egyptians saying you weren’t able to deliver them, do You?”

Do the two tablets (32:15) each contain five of the Ten Commandments, as usually depicted, or as I believe, do they each contain all ten and are a double witness: the peoples’ copy and God’s copy (both of which Moses kept as a reminder)?! Why?

Would you have been so true to your calling by God that you too could say to God, “Please forgive these people, and if not then blot me from Your book too? (32:31-32).

We don’t hear much about it in the churches, but who or what is the “My angel who shall go before you?” (32:34; 33:2).

Does God answer the “request of your lips?” (Psalm 21:2b). Are you as confident in God as David? Why/why not?