Day 112: Isaiah 37-42

Hezekiah is grealty distressed about the words and actions of Rabshakeh.  He tells Eliakim and the priests to go ask Isaiah for help.   Isaiah said not to worry, God would take care of the invaders and cause the king to die in his own land.  Hezekiah prays to the one true God to deliver them.  The Lord answered his prayer saying He would defend His city.  An angel of the Lord struc down the invading army and the king headed home to Ninevah where his sons killed him as he worshipped false gods.  Hezekiah became mortally ill and was told he would die.  He prayed to the Lord and He heard him and added 15 years to his life.  Hezekiah receives a prophesy concerning his treasures and his future children.  How Great is our GOD? God sends words of encouragment to Israel.  God gives the people promises concerning His servant.