Day 106: Isaiah 1-6

Today we begin Isaiah, time to jump back into the history again.  Imagine that, the first thing we hear about is Israel’s rebellion.  The land is desolate, there have been manydeaths.  The Lord tells them that their offerings are worthless.  God refuses to hear their prayers until they become clean.  He will forgive their sins if they repent.  Isaiah tells us that people will be drawn to the house of the Lord to learn more about Him.  We learn that God will be exalted and all others will be humbled.  Man will fear the Lord.  God tells of the fall of the leaders and that He will judge everyone.  The Lord will take away many many things from the daughters of Zion for their pride.  Those left in Zion, remaining in Jerusalem, will be called holy.  We read a parable concerning the vineyard, the vineyard in Israel.  Great woe to the wicked.  Isaiah has a vision in which he is forgiven for being unclean.  Isaiah says, “Here I am Lord, send me!”  God says to tell the people to keep listening and looking until the devestation occurs.